Modular Church Buildings

Modular buildings today are more than just temporary trailers. You may not even realize that many of the church buildings and other businesses you frequent on a regular basis are modular buildings.

If you are part of a growing congregation, budget limitations may be keeping you from building the space you need for a sanctuary, bible […]

Modular Church Buildings Plans

Building a modular church will take planning and effort.  Whether you are a brand new church, one that is embarking on its first building campaign, or an established church that is expanding its facilities, there are a wide variety of modular building plans available to fit your specific needs.

But modular churches are not “one-size-fits-all.” They […]

Church Building Plans

Does your church need a new sanctuary? Do you need classroom space for bible study, Sunday school or choir practice? Or maybe you lack adequate administrative space. There are modular church building plans available to accommodate all of your needs.

The website provides resources and information to congregations that want to build economically from scratch […]