Pre Engineered Church Buildings

Build a place of refuge, peace, safety and reverence for your congregation with pre-engineered modular church buildings.

If, like many congregations, yours has a limited budget, one wonderful feature of modular buildings is their affordability. They are at least 20% less expensive than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. This is because factory fabrication offers better inventory control and […]

Prefab Church Buildings

All prefab church buildings do not look the same. From time-honored to modern, there are limitless design options that can be customized to your unique specifications. If your congregation is dreaming of a worship center with pitched shingled roof, covered portico, bell tower and skylights, it can be done.  And no one will know it’s […]

Modular Church Buildings To Lease Or Own

When your congregation has outgrown its space and you need to expand quickly without breaking the budget, consider the benefits of modular church buildings. If you’re not sure whether a modular building would be a good permanent solution, these prefabricated church buildings are available to lease or own.

If, like most congregations, you have a limited […]

Modular Church Buildings For Sale

When your church, synagogue or temple is overcrowded and unable to house your congregation in comfort, now may be the perfect time to consider prefabricated church buildings. There are modular church buildings for sale that will suit every budget.

Modular buildings have become increasingly popular due to their attractive architectural designs that are compatible in any […]

Church Building Design Ideas

Modular buildings can be a wonderful way to welcome the community to your church or synagogue, and they’ll cost only a fraction of what you can expect to spend on traditional stick-built buildings. Modular builders offer a wide variety of design ideas that can be customized to your specifications.

Modular church buildings are a smart, fast […]

Used Modular Church Buildings

Traditional building construction is costly and time-consuming. Don’t put off building or expanding your worship center because the timeframe and budget seem impossible to work with. Used modular church buildings can make your congregation’s dreams a reality and be ready to occupy in just a few short weeks.

Modern modular buildings are quite different from the […]