Modular buildings can be a wonderful way to welcome the community to your church or synagogue, and they’ll cost only a fraction of what you can expect to spend on traditional stick-built buildings. Modular builders offer a wide variety of design ideas that can be customized to your specifications.

Church Building Design Ideas

Modular church buildings are a smart, fast way to make more room for your congregation and add new space for other services you provide, such as Sunday school, Bible study, community outreach, children’s programs and fellowship meetings. They are ideal for use as rectories, pastoral offices, dormitories, meeting rooms and administrative office space.

For inspiration and church building design ideas, highly recommends a visit to the website of the award-winning Modular Genius to see the many worship centers and assembly halls they’ve designed. The company offers an unlimited number of floor plans and designs, and can customize your modular building to meet your unique needs.

One of their specialties involves clear span modular building. Many worship centers want wide spaces that are clear of posts and beams. Clear span designs meet this need because they are constructed without supporting pillars and provide the most usable space.

Services that may be involved in the design and construction of your modular worship center include:

  • Understanding your ministry’s vision
  • Identifying and designing for your long-term growth
  • Reviewing the building site to identify any possible design, size or other property constraints and assessing zoning requirements
  • Preparing architectural renderings
  • Electrical, plumbing and mechanical design engineering
  • Design and management of interior and exterior finishing
  • Design and installation of doors and windows
  • Coordination of site preparation and foundations
  • Installation of masonry, stairways and steps, accessibility ramps
  • Installation of gutters and downspouts for moisture protection
  • Design and installation of paving and landscaping

Modular buildings have become extremely popular for their ability to deliver high-quality designs at costs of 20% to 40% below their conventionally built counterparts, and because they can be constructed in just two or three months.

Modular Church Design Tips

Whether you are investing in prefabricated buildings to build a brand new modern church, to renovate a church that is past its prime, or to add-on additional modular buildings, modular buildings can address factors that are important to congregations, such as:

  • Lighting
    A great way to enliven the interior of a church or synagogue is with better light. You may intend to install traditional stained glass windows, but modular buildings can be designed to improve natural day lighting. Or choose contemporary light fixtures and theatrical lighting to add energy to the sanctuary and other interior spaces. Technology has made lighting opportunities endless and less expensive than ever.
  • Acoustics
    A common dilemma for worship centers is the need to improve the acoustics in large, echoing rooms, such as sanctuaries. It’s important for speech to be clearly understandable, and for sound to be evenly distributed in all seats. Advancements in modular church design allow for acoustical ceiling panels containing a 70% Noise Reduction Coefficient, better roof insulation, elimination of noisy air ducts, and removal of HVAC systems to auxiliary rooms.
  • Comfort
    Modern modular buildings are constructed with environmental and health concerns in mind. Manufacturers use Low/No VOC carpet tiles, ceiling tiles and interior paint. Ceiling tiles are treated to inhibit the spread of mold/mildew. Under floor air distribution can deliver outside air from below, providing clean air instead of re-circulated old air. Raised floor heating and cooling systems are superior to ceiling or wall-mounted systems for interior comfort.

Modular church buildings are a smart cost-reduction strategy. They allow for a wide variety of design ideas that will help you share your faith with others in comfort and style.