When your congregation has outgrown its space and you need to expand quickly without breaking the budget, consider the benefits of modular church buildings. If you’re not sure whether a modular building would be a good permanent solution, these prefabricated church buildings are available to lease or own.

Modular Church Buildings to Lease or Own

If, like most congregations, you have a limited building fund to cover your expansion, you’ll find modular buildings to be very affordable. Due to a manufacturing process that offers better inventory control, protects building materials from damage, and reduces waste, modular buildings are 20% to 40% less costly than other methods of construction.

And cost is not the only benefit. These prefabricated buildings are built completely off site in a manufacturing facility, delivered by truck to your construction site, positioned by crane onto a prepared foundation, and then seamed together. This shaves months off of the construction process, and you’ll be ready to move in to your new building about 50% faster than a stick-built building.

Award-winning modular builders, such as Modular Genius, provide modular building throughout the country. They handle all aspects of the project, including design, site preparation, foundations, masonry, windows, doors, interior and exterior finishing, stairways, paving and even landscaping. In the case of churches, extra services might include sound and temperature control and handicapped accessibility.

Time and Cost Savings

Nearly any design can be achieved in a modular worship center – from one-story to multi-story structures. Choose from standard floor plans or customize a design to get exactly the configuration you need. They can be designed with brick, stucco or siding exteriors to harmonize with other buildings on the property. Once assembled, it will be virtually impossible to distinguish from a conventionally built church.

And don’t think of modular buildings for the worship center or sanctuary alone. They are very effective as rectories, pastoral offices, classrooms, and gymnasiums, as well as for accommodating the many services you provide, including Sunday school, children’s programs, community outreach and recreational activities.

Green Benefits

You may be located in a municipality that encourages green building and offers incentives for building modular, such as expedited permitting (which can take 18 months or more for conventional buildings). Sometimes the city will also offer financial incentives, such tax credits, fee reductions, grants, and even low interest loans. Some municipalities offer free green planning assistance and others offer free signage for LEED-certified projects.

Effective green modular building can lead to:

  • Lower operating costs from using less energy and water
  • Better health due to improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced environmental impacts
  • Low-cost reconfiguration, reuse, repurposing or recycling

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 92% of construction-related waste in the U.S. comes from building renovations and demolitions. And this construction waste accounts for 30% of all waste.

Waste reduction has a positive impact on the environment, and your modular worship center could become part of the solution instead of part of the problem by choosing to build modular. Your structure can be deconstructed, moved to a new location, and rebuilt, making this one of the most cost-effective construction methods.

The modular process is fast, budget-friendly and efficient, and can all be accomplished without sacrificing high quality and beautiful, innovative designs. Lease or own a modular church building to enjoy the many advantages.