Traditional building construction is costly and time-consuming. Don’t put off building or expanding your worship center because the timeframe and budget seem impossible to work with. Used modular church buildings can make your congregation’s dreams a reality and be ready to occupy in just a few short weeks.

Used Modular Church Buildings

Modern modular buildings are quite different from the mobile or manufactured trailers you are probably envisioning. They are required to meet the same local building codes as conventionally built buildings.  The interiors and exteriors can be just as complex as their brick-and-mortar equivalents, and they can be customized to your specifications to cover many thousands of square feet or multiple stories, with stairwells and elevators for convenient access.

At, we recommend the award-winning work of modular builders such as Modular Genius. The company serves customers nationwide and can accommodate an unlimited number of design requirements for permanent, portable and relocatable multi-story churches and worship centers, classrooms, rectories, pastoral offices, gymnasiums and more.

Modular sections are built in the factory and delivered to the site in almost complete condition. Stairwells, utility lines, heating and air conditioning, and other systems are already in place when they arrive at the site. The components are quickly joined, like building blocks, and interior and exterior finishing work is ready to be done.

Advantages include:

  • Design
    You will find new and used modular buildings in all sizes, designs and styles. They can be customized for worship centers with elements such as bell towers, covered porticos, and skylights. It’s nearly impossible to tell them apart from stick-built structures.
  • Savings
    Modular construction is typically 20% to 40% less expensive than conventional construction. This makes a lot of sense for church congregations in today’s economy.
  • Flexibility
    Modular buildings can be portable or permanent and designed to allow for future expansion. They can easily be taken apart and relocated if necessary.
  • Technology
    “Clear span” framing allows for large open interior spaces that don’t require interior support columns. This is particularly beneficial for churches, synagogues and assembly halls where the inside of the building needs to be open and flexible.
  • Shorter Timetable
    Modular building can cut construction time in half. Because they are manufactured off-site, under controlled conditions, there are no weather-related delays. Delivery from the factory is about 40% faster than traditional construction.

Modular construction also complies with the highest green building standards, including LEED® certification.  Structures are built with recycled steel, so they’re strong, mold-resistant and fire-resistant. They also feature sustainable sourced timber, better indoor air quality controls, better sealing to reduce heating and cooling costs, and better use of natural light through glass walls.

The days of boring, boxy prefab structures are gone. Because prefabricated buildings are so highly customizable, customers can add luxury details such as elegant stone and brick exteriors, crown molding, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, custom woodwork and vaulted ceilings. And their exceptional durability means that pre-owned units can be easily remodeled for your application.

Whether you prefer the look of traditional churches with pitched shingled roofs or something more contemporary and eye-catching, you will find affordable used modular church buildings that can be customized with alternate layouts and special features, as well as custom-designed plans that meet your exact requirements.